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justlikeyou_rpg's Journal

Another RPG community
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1) You can add 'civilians' to your list, I just ask you to please read some of their journal first and know that they understand this is not real and they wont be annoying.

2) When you join the community, only join with your rp journal.

3) You must update your journal or go on your AIM screen name at least 1 time a week, and if you have a reason why you cant meet that requirement, post it in the community or in your journal OOC*.

4) If you plan on not being your character anymore, email me at gctripp27@hotmail.com with your journal name and your password. DO NOT DELETE YOUR JOURNAL UNLESS I TELL YOU TO AND DO NOT POST YOUR PASSWORD WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE IT.

5) If you dont know the persons's personality, DONT PLAY THEM! Its as simple as that. I dont want you here if you blow at playing someone.

6) Speak in proper english and use punctuation. If you come here using numbers in place of words like '4' for 'for', I will not let you join. This also includes using 'u' in place of 'you'.

7) Absolutely NO acts of cutting or drug overdosing, suicide, or mass depression. We realize some people have self-abuse problems, but not every single character needs to have a mental problem.

8) If you choose to stay in a relationship and plan on an "engagement or marriage", you must stay within the relationship for at least 1-2 actual months before you arrange plans to do so. People do not suddenly fall in love and then get married a week later. I'm trying to make this at least a little realistic.

9) You MUST update your journal BEFORE you join the community.

10) When you tell me(or ask) who you're going to be, say 'jello' so I know you've read the rules.

11) This is not an MPREG supporting community.

I realize there are quite a few rules, but they are not that hard to follow.

When you join, post this app. in the comments of the first post in the community.
Character Name:
AIM Name:
Journal Name:

*Terms You Should Know
RPG= Role Playing Game
RP= Role Play
OOC= Out Of Character
MPREG= Male Pregnancies

AIM: slayermargera

AIM: DCxThuggin